Hermann Lohmann Bereederungen GmbH & Co. KG

Boschstrasse 15 D- 49733 Haren (Ems)

Tel.: +49 5932 73 56 0 - Info@lohmann-shipping.de

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Welcome to HLB

Hermann Lohmann Bereederungen in Haren (Ems).

Hermann Lohmann Bereederungen (HLB) has been acting as a ship management company for seagoing vessels since 1998. Going back to the roots of a long family tradition, HLB successfully combines tradition and modern practices to manage seagoing vessels worldwide.

We want to expand our core business, the operation of sea- and river-going coasters and container ships, by commissioning proven types of vessels as well as new designs. This is how we maintain the young average age of our fleet.

Among other things, our services comprise:

purchase and construction (incl. commissioning) of seagoing vessels

financing & controling

ship management: technical and nautical inspection of the managed tonnage

dry docking, repairs and conversions of vessels

equipping and supplying the tonnage with spare parts, fuels and provisions

insurance (incl. processing of claims and averages)

control of ship’s operating costs and financial account management

investor relations

crewing ships in collaboration with crewing agencies


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